Free Disney wonderland brought to Irlam by builder


A JOINER in Irlam has turned his street into a free Disney themed wonderland to bring joy and smiles to everyone who walks by.

This time last year Howard Wellock, 37, displayed Disney cut-outs on his house on Marlborough Road, as a gesture to his partner’s 6-year-old Frozen obsessed son. To his and his partner Claire’s surprise, people started coming to the house and knocking on their door just to see it. After receiving the unexpected great feedback and seeing how happy it made children from the area, this year Howard is devoted to making it bigger and better.

With the cooperation and support of his neighbours, Howard is now responsible for turning his street into a Disney wonderland that everyone can enjoy. Using plywood material and paint from previous jobs and only having to buy a small amount of lights, he has brought the classic characters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, accompanied by their most recent fellow stars Elsa from Frozen and the inflatable robot from Big Hero 6 to Marlborough Road.

“We’ve had people knock on our door and others on Facebook asking the same thing next year and how much Howard will charge. We are not doing it to make money, we just want to bring the magic back to the street and make some memories for the children.”

“The response and amount of people knocking on our door and driving past was amazing, we both loved the fact we were making people smile. Both adults and children loved it,” says Claire, who is a childminder in Irlam.

Howard has been a joiner in the area since leaving school and is now doing general building contract work. A recent job he did on a new early years play for Irlam Primary School was part of what inspired him to transform his home street. The couple is driven by making local children smile and does not want to make any kind of profit from it.

“Our neighbours were very co-operative and grateful for Howard putting in the time and effort – they all have children and grandchildren so understood what we were trying to do,” adds Claire.

By Anna Georgieva


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