Young survivor tells his story of lung collapsing


The 20-year-old, Daniel Kaczurynski whose lung collapsed last year survived to tell his story.

The medical term given to a lung collapse is known as spontaneous pneumothorax, which is an abnormal accumulation of air in the space between the lungs and the chest cavity that can result in the complete collapse of lung. Spontaneous Pneumothorax is predominant against basketballers who are light in weight and tall in size.

In 2014 Daniel Kaczurynski undertook an operation to remove the air that was leaked from his left lung. The day before he was taken to hospital, Daniel struggled to breathe while running, carrying boxes during work and had felt pain in front of his chest as well as his back.

Later that night he complained to his mother about the pains he sensed, but his mother assumed it could be a trap nerve. The following morning at Daniel’s pain had increased and he was taken to St Mary’s Hospital.

The doctor said his lungs have collapsed 3 times and referred him to Wythenshawe hospital who has a specialised lung department- an operation was done few days after.

“I was never told about what could have caused it, but they ran a lot of tests and the doctors were inconclusive.

“They did say smoking was a bad factor, however they said I haven’t been smoking for long enough for smoking to be the cause”, Daniel said.

He was told to stay in hospital for two week as he would be under the hospital’s treatment. Yet Daniel insisted to leave the hospital: “I wanted to go home event though I was scared something might go wrong. But then I decided that I would feel better if I was home.

“The doctor also said I should stay at home for about 4 weeks but a week later I was back at work. I was sat by the till, unable to lift or carry anything”, he said.

Few months after the surgery Daniel’s mother, Valierie Kaczurynski made sure that Daniel followed a healthy eating diet, joined the gym and attended swimming sessions. She was certain that a healthy body will help him gain his lung capacity strength back.

“Things were going well, Danny was back to normal but I was still worried about him. We had some very difficult time, I was scared to loose him and it’s a very hard feeling”, she said.

In 2015 Daniel’s right side of the lung randomly collapsed and was put back in hospital again. The doctors at Wythenshawe Hospital undertook an emergency operation. The surgery was done to remove leaked oxygen with a syringe.

“My lung popped and air was leaked out from one side into the other side of the lung so the lungs couldn’t fully inflate.

“After the operation I couldn’t feel my back for 4 months, and I couldn’t stretch. If I carried heavy boxes I felt like my nerves were ripping.” Daniel said.

“Before Danny’s second operation, I could see that he was finding it harder to breath this time. He was fine to breathe slowly but if he was to run or panic he would probably collapse”, Valierie said.

Daniel and his mother are curious to know what caused the spontaneous pneumothorax. However Daniel has faith that the incident had made him a better person.

“For the past few years it’s been a path of pissing about and drugs, being lazy and not doing any exercise or any good. But after what happened, I realised that I need to change and life is way too short”, he said.

He’s Doctor assumed that Daniel will not have the same lung capacity as others. He also predicted that his lungs will probably work 10% less than healthy people.

Daniel said: “not in a depressive way but I have a very little self-regard from my will being, and if I could give my life to make sure someone else will have a better one, then I would”.

By Lajin Barakat


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