Hip Hop Chip Shop Hits The Top


AFTER 3 years of serving from it’s Media City ‘boom-box trailer’, the Hip Hop Chip Shop has upsized to a full restaurant.

Last week they made the move to Tariff Street, where they have started a partnership with Kosmonaut, who’s agreed to let the chippy run their kitchen.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop first began when creator Jonathan “Ozzie” Oswald saw a gap in the market, that his quirky recreations fitted.

“When we first started this we thought, you’ve got the bog standard corner of the street chippy, thats kind of what people have grown up with,” he said.

“Then you’ve got people doing high end fish and chips in restaurants but theres no one in-between the middle having fun with it.

“Thats what we felt we could bring to the party with it really, it’s just adding personality to fish and chips.”

Ozzie explained that after drafting in Head Chef Luke Stocks and Sous Chef Holly Robson, the company created their off-beat menu by taking a traditional chip shop menu, and reinventing the dishes with their own personal touch.

Now, the business has grown from it’s pop-up trailer to a sit in restaurant at Northern Quarter, which the company hopes will be a huge step towards delivering an alternative dining experience.

“We wanted to try and get some bricks and mortar, and to have a bit more of an extensive menu and casual dining.” Ozzie explained.

“We wanted to have our food on plates and actual forks instead of cardboard trays.”

The chippy innovator also explained that the new store will demonstrate what the Hip Hop team “can do in a kitchen”, and will allow them to be more experimental with their dishes, which may not have been plausible from their trailer.

“This is what we’ve always wanted and what we’ve always been working towards, so the transfer hasn’t been to much difficulty, its been seamless.”

Luke Stocks, Head Chef

Credit: Adam Pester

The store offers their own reimagined takes on chippy classics like their own take on a battered sausage, the ‘Meat Junkie’ which sees a sausage wrapped in bacon and fried in chilli batter, or their “Shinny Shinny Ya Pie”, an adaptation of a standard meet pie, filled with shredded shin beef and mushrooms.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop’s original ‘boom-box trailer’ will still be serving at Media City for two more weeks, before it driving up to Leeds where it will be hauled up to the first floor of Trinity Kitchen.



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