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Singer-Songwriter Frank Hamilton returns to Sound Control next month, so we sent Quays News reporter Liam Shaw to catch up with him ahead of the gig.

It’s been almost four years since Frank Hamilton released his first album, since then he’s been featured on iTunes song of the week, had his songs played on XFM and Radio 1 and even recorded an entire EP on the London Eye. Yet he never planned to even work in the music industry

“I just fell in love with a Blink 182 album and started writing songs that meant something to me. It just so happened that those songs started spreading and seemed to resonate with other people, so being an artist became my day job…“

His latest album, ‘Songs to make life slightly less awkward’, was released in October which he describes as ‘a self-help guide masquerading as an indie pop record’ but the method of writing it is certainly unique…

I do a handstand until a few dozen lottery balls fall out of my ears. Then I put the kettle on and decide which ones I like the colour of. Then I ask Siri what the song should be called and we all live happily ever after.

He’s kidding of course, and he tells me that there isn’t really a set method to him writing music just that he thinks too much and ideas appear in his head now and again.

“I’m not one of those people who has a set, step-by-step method to writing music, so I find this sort of question really hard to answer.  I guess my favourite part is the feeling you get when you finish a song and you instinctively know it’s great but my least is when you’ve got a song that could be great but you can’t quite get it right. “

There are common themes in his music though mostly thanks to thing that he’s already experienced.

“I guess when you break it down, most (if not all) of my songs are about people. Myself and others. Our lives, hopes, dreams, habits, flaws, relationships, quirks – the whole shebang.”

When he rocks Sound Control next month, it sounds like it could be a fun night as he explains that last time he was there he jumped off a 15ft Speaker Stack. He’s keeping his cards close to his chest though, as he’ll only tell me that we can expect “Songs mostly, and a few jokes in-between”.

It’s been a busy year for Frank Hamilton with a new album release and multiple TV and Radio appearances, but he still can’t get over seeing his album in stores.

“The album being in HMV’s recommended listening section has blown my tiny mind. I used to get the bus in to town to buy records from HMV back in the day, so having my record on display in there makes 17 year old me very happy”

Perhaps Hamilton’s most well-known venture is #onesongaweek which started back in 2012, he came up with the idea in January of that year and by December he had worked with big names such as Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner and Lauren Aquilina.

“I came up with the idea for #onesongaweek because of a mixture of stubbornness, confidence and desperation, I guess! I couldn’t get a record deal for love nor money but I believed in myself and this felt like a new, cool way of doing things.  That said, it wasn’t until week 30 or so that I knew it was actually a good idea!”

He holds no qualms in saying that he thinks that he’s a bit boring when he’s not singing or writing though as he generally can be found either Eating, Sleeping, Socialising or listening to Meatloaf which he has no guilt in admitting.

Considering the year that he’s had already, Frank Hamilton will be hoping that next month’s tour will end 2016 on an even bigger high.

You can see Frank Hamilton live at Sound Control on 16th December. Tickets are available at

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