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Straight off the back of a worldwide tour, Lewis Del Mar took time out to chat to Quays News reporter Liam Shaw about their incredible year.

Their first EP only came out in January this year, but in the space of eleven months Danny Miller and Max Harwood have played countless festivals, performed all over the world and released their self-titled debut album.

Danny: “2016 has had a lot of first for us, it’s the first album that we’ve ever put out and that’s a crazy experience. I think that the year on the whole has been a massive learning experience, I think we’re still learning and trying to understand how something like our first album is received and what it does for your career takes time”.

Although the duo have teased fans throughout the year with some tracks, they had to wait until October before being able to hear the full album. The pair are obviously proud of their first release as Danny jokes that the album is “Really F****** Good”.

Max: “I suppose the album is two different sounds coming together, it’s the clashing of acoustic sounds mixed with more industrial tones too. That’s the message that we were trying to convey”

Danny: “There’s a lot of Latin-American percussion ensembles that are sampled for it. Max has been listening to a lot of Jake Dylan on the production side, and I was coming from a Jeff Buckley and Lauren Hill perspective with the writing”

At the end of their 28 date tour, the boys have had an incredible time on the road. Performing to packed out crowds keeps them wanting to carry on writing more and more music.

Max: “The tour has been so much more than we ever imagined it would be, I don’t think that we had expectations for it and because we’re always learning you’re just constantly blown away by watching your music translate into audiences and hearing people sing your words. It’s been the highlight of my life.”

Danny: “The longer the tour goes on, the longer the album’s out and the longer the album’s out the more people are at our shows singing our words and recognising the songs. That’s a really special thing”


Touring through numerous countries, including France, Germany and North America, each gig has its own vibe depending on where it is being hosted.

Danny: “I guess the England and American crowds are very similar in that they’re very participatory and singing along. What’s cool about England though is that people aren’t really on their phones, they’re very invested in being there and chanting and singing along.”

Max: “One of the stand-out moments for me on this tour was when we played Cologne, Germany on a Monday night in a city that we’d never been to and it was one of the craziest shows that I’ve ever played in my entire life. There was like 160 people and they just went completely crazy”

The band have also found themselves being on TV more and more this year too, from performing live on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ to rocking Reading and Leeds but they don’t let it get to them too much.

Danny: “All that stuff is really weird. We try not to let it distract us too much, because our first priority is putting on the best show that we can every night. I think that those things are cool, but our larger goal is just making music for people”

With the U.S election just passing as well, the pair also are quite vocal on their twitter feed about the result. They almost feel like they have a responsibility to voice their opinions on a platform that they have an audience on.

Danny: “I felt obliged on the day that it happened to write something down, that’s the reason that I turned up late to a rehearsal”

Max: “It’s hard not to feel a little bit disheartened, shocked and sad. It’s still a shock that this kind of hate, bigotry and close-mindedness exists today”

So with such an amazing year for Lewis Del Mar drawing to a close, 2017 holds plenty more for the duo.

Danny: “There’s going to be a lot of travelling and a lot more concerts both in the U.S and Europe too. We’re talking about starting a podcast, and more long-form writing too”

Max: “We’ve definitely started writing new music, whether it comes out next year though… you’ll just have to wait and see”

By Liam Shaw



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