Meet Bobrisky The Nigerian Bleached Barbie


Bobrisky snapchat celebrity and self-claimed Nigerian Barbie, born Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju known for his bleaching and feminine looks.

Bobrisky, 25 year old, Nigerian born and has been bleaching ever since 2014 when he visited Dubai on a mini vacation. He described himself as ‘BLACK’ with patches and uneven skin tone, Bobrisky did a lot of research which led to producing his own whitening cream. He later met his ‘secret bae,’ that no one knows of.

The bleaching expert has his own bleaching products called ‘Bob Whitening Cream.’ His cream has earned lots of recognition internationally. Bob Whitening Cream is exported from Nigeria Ikeja, to different countries worldwide. Germany and United Kingdom are his top countries where he exports his whitening cream.

Bobrisky Instagram

“Bob Whitening Cream does not contain hydraulics and mercury”, as said by Bobrisky himself.

Alongside is Snapchat fame, cross dressing and whitening cream, Bobrisky is also known of his heavy makeup, fierce nails and his secret bae that his always talking about on his Snapchat.

Ever since going viral in late October, Bobrisky who is known to be a rebel has taken his fame opportunity to boost his fame and whitening cream.

“I am not gay,” Bobrisky said.

In Nigeria there is a strict law when it comes to homosexuality, and one could face about 40 years in prison. Even though Bobrisky calls his lover ‘bae’ he still denies being gay but instead says ‘bae’ is in reference of a follower who likes him.

Bobrisky Instagram  Bobrisky Instagram

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju who has been recently touring the UK meeting his fans some being left shocked, happy and some in tears, after meeting their role model.

In the UK Bobrisky, had the freedom to express himself whilst making money through his products and his fans giving him money.

In Nigeria Bobrisky gets hate and negative blast from homophobic Nigerians, calling him out for his sexuality with nasty comments.




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