Salford cat owner left shocked after finding her cat shaved


A Salford resident has been left worried after returning home to find her cat shaved.

Whilst the physical harm to the cat is minimal, he has been left shaken and Claire is concerned that there is a sinister reasoning behind the markings.

Credit: Claire Walsh

Credit: Claire Walsh

She said she is much more concerned for Grimalkin and her two other cats since the incident.

The patch on the animal is small, but Claire said that she is certain that it was not a freak accident whilst the cat was out of the home.

She said: “It’s definitely made me a lot more worried about letting them out, you hear so many bad things but never expect things to happen to your pets.

cat shaved

Credit: Claire Walsh

“I used to clip dogs and I know how hard it is to get precision cuts on moving animals, he’s been less friendly when outside since.”

This is not the only time a there has been a cat shaved in the Salford and Manchester area, with similar incidents reported in Prestwich as well as Ellesmere Park area of Salford.

Whilst she is certain that this was done manually, she is unsure as to what the purpose is behind the strange shaving.

cat shaved

Credit: Claire Walsh

She said: “I’m not sure, sadly it could range from kids being idiots to people marking them for later for cat baiting.”

Cat baiting is the practice of using cats as bait to entice two fighting dogs to attack each other.

Whilst Grimalkin is recovering from the incident, this is not the first time Claire has had to worry for his health.

cat shaved

Credit: Claire Walsh

Last year he swallowed his own bell and had to have emergency surgery.

Claire said: “I guess he’s two lives down now.”

Claire did not notify the RSCPA or the police as she felt there was little that could have been done to trace the perpetrator of the incident.


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