Altrincham celebrates market hall success


ALTRINCHAM market is quickly becoming one of the most popular market destinations in the country. With an authentic mixture of local cuisine to suit all needs, it’s no doubt its popularity has rocketed over the past year or so.

Seven years ago when The Sun branded Altrincham a ‘ghost town’, locals were unsure whether or not it could get back to its best. All these years later, Altrincham town centre has been able to rejuvenate itself with the introduction of a new market hall.

The market has opened the doors for independent businesses to open in the surrounding area, sharing the success it has brought to Altrincham on the whole.

Jewellry shop owner and chairman of Altrincham unlimited Martin Duff explained – “I didn’t think the food idea would work, I thought it was a risk. but I’m certainly glad that it has. It was very forward thinking of the team that came up with the idea, and all credit to them, they have continued to run it very well indeed.”

It is not just the food that attracts people, however, with the surrounding, smaller markets offering crafts, homewares, vintage clothes and more.

Although they offer a range of products, the market is most famous for its pizza. Honest Crust Sourdough has received rave reviews all across the North-West, picking up various accolades on the way.

With a similar style of market hall opening in Manchester, it seems that the only way is up for this type of attraction, and Manchester will continue to try and provide the best of the North-West.


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