Manchester restaurants and app raise awareness of homelessness


A discount site has partnered up with 85 restaurants in Manchester to promote awareness of  homeless.

The Dealerapp, launching on the 23rd October, will be available for Android and iPhones and aims encourage to donate 50p of any money saved while dining at certain restaurants to homeless charities.

The Dealer works Manchester’s Mustard Tree charity, which aims to create choice and opportunity for people who are homeless and marginalised.

CEO of The Dealer app, Edward Alun-Jones said: ““The idea came from sitting down with restaurant owners in Oxford and asking them how best to get rid of their spare tables, and talking to my mates at uni who wanted a discounting platform that had the best independent restaurants as well as the bigger chains.

“Homelessness is a big problem in Oxford itself, and I actually worked at a homeless charity in Oxford called The Porch, and it kind of sprang out of a conversation about how to get more businesses involved with the homeless issue.”

The dealer offers larger discounts than the ones you would usually see on discount sites. The minimum deal is 20% off and can stretch up to 50% off your food.


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