Wildscreen Festival makes its Manchester debut


THE ART of natural world story-telling is a creative art that demonstrates the beauty and impact of nature. The Wildscreen Festival, named Symbiotic Stories, has been running for 36 years, bringing together wildlife film makers, photographers, and conservationists, to nurture the craft of natural world story-telling.

It runs in Bristol in October every other year, however this year the festival is making its Manchester debut on Thursday 19th October at Victoria Warehouse.

Wildscreen Festival audience. Courtesy of Lucie Muir

Wildscreen Festival audience. Courtesy of Lucie Muir

Lucie Muir, Wildscreen Festival Director, explains how: “our mission is to make as many people as possible fall in love with the natural world.

We think that films and photos are one of the most powerful tools in doing that.”


It is a one-day pop-up festival where film makers, conservationists, and photographers come together to inspire each other, network, and to restore the volume and quality of natural world stories.

“In the morning we have an opening plenary keynote, and through the rest of the day there are different sessions and masterclasses that are an hour and a half long.

These can be on anything from how to use a camera, how to pitch a story, or how to launch a fundraising campaign.” Lucie described.

The event, overall, is focused on attracting emerging talent.

Lucie claims, “it’s showing young people who have been thinking about a career in any of these aspects, or perhaps studying zoology or wildlife biology who are not sure what jobs are out there in the creative industries related to wildlife, the whole spectrum of job opportunities.”

Tickets are £125 for the day, however there is a discount for students and people over the age of 65. Group tickets are also discounted to: ‘5 for the price of 4!’

Tickets can be found here.


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