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Cerebral Palsy United is a football club which is designed for players who have CP or a brain injury.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects the ability to move. CP affects 1 in every 400 babies born.

Michelle Wilcock, 37, one of the lead coaches at Cerebral Palsy United, told Quays how the club plan on expanding:

“We want to keep growing obviously so we can provide opportunities for as many players as possible across the North West.

“We have got programs from children aged 3 right through to adults, so we want to keep that growing.

Wilcock explained that the club are starting to get a large amount of interest throughout each month.

“We are starting to get players from other regions now as well, we have got people travelling from Yorkshire coming across each week.

“We have got people from Nottingham and we have got a young lad who comes from South Wales.

“We are trying to provide as much as we can for the players we have currently got so we can provide opportunities for players who are not yet involved”.

The club participate in many fundraising events, such as their recent event, where a group of 50 people, a percentage who were children, and others who were the parents, and carers walked up a mountain in the Lake District.

Wilcock stated the event was: “for someone with CP, quite a difficult task but they did it and they were fantastic”.

The club have an event coming in December called the ‘Santa Run’, where the children from aged 3
and above run around the football fields in Manchester with their Santa hats or outfits.

The club managed to raise enough money to allow them to go to Barcelona to play in the international tournaments, the club then went on to win the tournament. Wilcock described how the club are trying to get as many opportunities as possible for the club.

“In a couple of weeks they are going to Ireland to play in the Irish development squad and we are hoping to go to Scotland.”

Michelle Wilcock explained, “If you know anyone who wants to come along and play, it is for anyone with Cerebral Palsy or a brain injury.

“We have programs for people who do not use a walking aid but a frame user program is something we want to develop.

“If any frame users or people on crutches want to come along, they are more than welcome”.

Wilcock also added, the club do not have a power chair specific team but, the club are defiantly
prepared to work with anybody who has CP or a brain injury.

If you are interested in contacting the club, please visit their website here, Twitter page or contact them via email,

All photos from Cerebrap palsy United’s website.


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