LISTEN: Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham on congestion problems in the city


DON’T lose out on the opportunity to put forward your thoughts on congestion across Greater Manchester.

The ‘congestion conversation’ is a survey launched by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, to give members of the public a chance to put forward their ideas, about ways the city can address problems with congestion.

It is estimated congestion costs the Greater Manchester economy £1.3bn per year, through issues such as lost productivity and late deliveries. And that people waster over 40 hours each year, sat in traffic.

The survey, which can be completed online here has only 10 days left before it closes at 9am on 3 November 2017.

Quays News reporters spoke to members of the public to find out what their morning commute was like and what suggestions they had.

Cheryl Ridgeway, 39, is a mature student and from Tameside, she is a car owner but chooses to commute into the city on public transport, she said:

‘I live in Ashton but study in Manchester. In the morning, I car-share, with a friend who is driving to Manchester Piccadilly and then I walk from there to the University, which takes me around 30 minutes.

‘Coming back, I do the same again, walking into the city centre and then I either take a tram or bus home.

‘I leave the car at home, the traffic is so bad and finding an affordable and available car parking space can take too much of my time. My journey to and from my place of study can take me up to three hours a day and I do this four times per week. I look at it as a way to get some exercise too, so I don’t mind too much’.

Katie Lear, 32, from Tameside said: ‘I drive to work but I would prefer not too, It cost me a lot to park in the town centre where my office is but I have no choice.

‘I have to drop my son at school and them head to work and if I relied on public transport, I wouldn’t get there on time.

‘I think if more work places offered flexible working, this could help, as we could start work later, after the school drop off when roads are quieter.

‘I also think the cost need to be considered, as it  can be expensive when you have to travel by bus, tram and train’.

LISTEN: More members of the public have their say:


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