#MeToo gets Manchester talking about sexual violence


The myriad of allegations against Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein have led to an outpouring of honesty from victims of sexual harassment.

The furore was sparked with Alyssa Milano’s tweet calling for a stance of unity amongst women who “have been sexually harassed or assaulted.”

Now millions of people across the globe have engaged in the #MeToo.

Ruby Henderson from Manchester was one of those people who felt compelled to share her experience.

The public honesty of thousands has gone some way in breaking down the taboo of sexual violence but experts are worried that the attention will be short lived.

Gina Gonzales is the Managing Director of Release Into Victory, a local adult support service for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

“It needs to stay out, we need more constant media attention.

“Because what happens is, like in the Jimmy Savile case, lots of people went to look for support and disclosed that they were abused, and then within a couple of years it goes back underground.”

And whilst the media may have you thinking that this is a problem more prevalent in Hollywood’s acting industry, Gina disagrees:

“It’s not just happening in gaga land, sexual abuse goes on in all sectors of society and it is very prevalent in our own communities.

“Until we start standing up and say we are not going to allow this to happen anymore, it’s going to carry on.”

Statistics from the Rape Crisis charity for England and Wales illustrate just how rife the issue is.


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