New owners reinvent The Old Pint Pot


THE Old Pint Pot has welcomed many people through its doors since opening in the 1940’s and still continues to do so despite surrounding pubs being demolished but the new business owner and general manager are aiming to further increase the popularity of the Salford pub.

The business was taken over by Doug Smith, 31, and Jack Pearce, 29, in September of this year and they intend on giving the pub a “face lift”.

Jack said: “It’s an awesome setting. We’re in the process of cleaning it up, it’s a little bit neglected at the moment – it’s taken a little while to get on top of. We’ll be looking at the gardens this weekend as well, stuff like that.

“With the exterior we just want to neaten the place up really – we’ll give it a nice jet wash and to make sure it’s safe with no slippy steps or anything like that. We’re going to be giving it a bit of a facelift with more signage and more lights”, added Jack.

“We want it to be a really nice space to hang out in both in winter and in summer because at the moment it’s really nice is summer but it sort-of just dies in the winter and people forget about it!”.

Some of the changes have already been implemented to The Old Pint Pot are the staff being retrained on the bar and a whole new kitchen team being brought in. Doug said: “The previous kitchen team were not so good so we’ve approached people who we think would be good to come work here instead. The new menu was launched in September so we wanted it to be delivered properly.”

Despite a lot of pubs in the Salford area shutting down, Doug and Jack are confident that The Old Pint Pot will be here for a “very, very long time”.

“The first time I came in here I thought, ‘I want this place’,” said Doug. “I just knew it had so much potential. Jack worked for my friend previously in Didsbury and Jack and I have had various conversations about us working together as long as it was the right project and we both agreed that The Old Pint Pot was the right project. Jack’s got the skills and the knowledge to really drive this forward on a day-to-day basis.”

Photo from The Old Pint Pot’s Facebook page

Even though  Doug and Jack are running the business, the building is actually owned by Marston’s Brewery, who supply the pub with drink and food. “It opens up a lot of doors for us working with Marston’s Brewery as we’re an independent retailer,” explained Jack,  “so we can run it how we want as long as we don’t break certain rules.”

In just over a month Doug and Jack have found that the pub is twice as busy. They will be putting on new events such as ‘Trapdoor comedy presents Jamali Maddix’ – who has been on popular TV shows such as Live At The Apollo and 8 Out Of 10 Cats – and ‘A Night At The Circus’ where there will be LED and fire performers and live DJs.  

To find out more about the up and coming events at The Old Pint Pot, go to their Facebook page.


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  1. Great article by Niahm here. She was a very thorough interviewer, asked great questions, and we’re really pleased to have had here do a piece on our venue.

    Definitely one to watch on the journalism scene!

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