EXCLUSIVE: Greater Manchester firefighters face attacks ‘every day’


FIREFIGHTERS in Greater Manchester are subject to physical attacks on a daily basis, a senior figure in the region’s fire service has told Quays News.

Rick Ogden, Head of Protection and Area Manager for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said attacks on Greater Manchester firefighters are ‘commonplace’.

Mr Ogden added that during his 20 years with the London Fire Brigade he could count the number of attacks on the fire service on one hand, yet attacks are “commonplace and part of every day” for the Greater Manchester Fire Brigade.

During this weekend’s bonfire night there were numerous reports of fireworks, bottles and bricks being thrown at firefighters and fire engines in the area.

This follows the 138% increase on attacks towards the GMFRS last year.

The comments come as Parliament gears up for a detailed examination of the Private Member’s Bill regarding assaults on Emergency Workers.

Listen to the full interview with Rick Ogden below.

• Image via Manchester Fire, Flickr


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