North West Ambulance Service teach CPR to shoppers at Trafford Centre


THE North West Ambulance Service was at intu Trafford today to attempt to spread awareness of the need for care plans in winter.

The NHS created the campaign Make The Right Call with the aim to free up their ambulances for life-threatening emergencies.

Today they were demonstrating CPR to the public and giving advice for what to do when cardiac arrest happens.

Sarah Morley, NHS communications manager said: “It is really, really important that everyone knows how to do CPR, it is one of the biggest killers outside of hospital.

“If you can just learn the basic skills of chest pumps and the right way to do it, you could save a life.”

Volunteers have gone into schools across the UK to teach children the basic skills needed in an emergency.

They teach everyone CPR and how to call 999, and for younger children they teach them the importance of remembering their house address.

Sarah said: “If you can start CPR within a couple of minutes of someone going into cardiac arrest, it increases 75% of survival and recovery.”

The survival rate for cardiac arrest outside of hospital is 8.4% in the UK, NWAmbulance believe that “teaching it in schools and making it basic knowledge will increase this percentage”.

If you want more information on the campaign click here and search the hashtag #MakeTheRightCall.


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