Salford Lads Club’s £7.9K Crowdfunding Campaign


SALFORD Lads Club have launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund new sports and arts projects focused towards young people.

The club was set up in 1903 to try offer kids an alternative to hanging around the streets across Salford and to give gangs a safer and positive alternative through music and sports activities.

With their work through volunteering, they have remained the longest running club of its kind and to continue their work and formulate new projects.

They have started a crowdfunding campaign where people can donate to help build a new sport/art projects aimed at young people.

So far they have raised over £5000 and they are only just over £2000 away from reaching their stretch goal of £7900.

The campaign is called “Money Changes Everything” and the money raised will go towards selecting a sports leader for a year.

Many are already backing the campaign including radio presenter Clint Boon and lead singer of the Charlatans, Tim Burgess.

If the target is reached then BBC’s Comic Relief will double the money raised which is a potential £15,000.

The club are offering “Money Changes Everything” merchandise for people who donate. Tote bags go to those who donate £30 or more and limited edition t-shirts for those over £60.

Donations can be made at:  


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