Bambino Café supports Salford foodbank over Christmas


WORSLEY’S new Bambino Cafe is supporting Salford foodbank over Christmas as the service struggles to meet demand from people in need. 

Salford Foodbank is expecting to see an increase in the number of people seeking supplies in the coming weeks.

Bambino Café in Boothstown, Worsley, has chosen to support the foodbank after opening its doors a few weeks ago.

Mike, of Bambino Café, said: “We will be supporting the foodbank by being a food collection point for our local community to drop in any donations that we can then drop off.  We will also be purchasing bulk items every week when we place an order with suppliers to donate ourselves.

“Initially that was going to be the extent of our support, but after my visit, and learning just how much demand has increased in the area (more food parcels have already been distributed in 2017 than the whole of 2016) and how many of those go to children (almost half), we have also decided to donate all of our tips as well.”

He said that the donation of tips is going to be an ongoing thing and staff that are hired in the future will be paid a fair wage and will be able to opt in to doing this.


Salford Foodbank relies majorly on donations to create food parcels.

Mark Whittington, manager of Salford Foodbank, said: “Nintey nine per cent of the supplies are donated by the public such as; individuals, churches, schools, businesses and other organisations. We buy in approximately 1 per cent of the supplies.”

The recent roll out of universal credit is seeing people struggle with the six-week delay of their payments. This means even more people are relying on food banks this Christmas than usual. The Chancellor pledged in his latest Budget to reduce that waiting time but claimants are still worried about being left with no money.

Christmas is always the foodbank’s busiest time of year, helping lots of families and individuals over the festive period so needs a surge in donations to keep up.

Mike, of the Bambino Café, spoke about how the demand for food supplies has become huge.

“We all want to give back to our local community, and all believe that no one should be in a position where they cannot afford to eat, especially children.  Every little bit we can do to support and raise awareness for them the better.” – Mike of Bambino Cafe

Bambino Café was founded by two brothers who felt that their community lacked a parent and child friendly place to eat. 

The café serves hot and cold drinks, breakfast and lunch items and also provides a play corner to keep children occupied. The café also sells items such as baby clothes, accessories and wall prints.

The café has only been open for a couple of weeks but the response so far from customers in regards to supporting Salford Foodbank has been really encouraging:

“The support we have had so far has been really positive, especially with regards to the tips situation.

“We have only been open a week so far, and with a lot more customers to find us, and the ones we have had already, returning and donating items, we are really hopeful that the local community will be able to help as much as they are able.”

Anyone who would like to help support Salford Foodbank or would like more information, can visit:

Address: Christ Central, Mocha Parade, Lower Broughton, Salford, M7 1QE

Phone: 0161 637 4500



The following contact details are for the Bambino Café should you want to get in touch or pay them a visit:

Address: 3 Chaddock Lane, Boothstown Village, Worsley, Manchester M28 1DB

Phone: 0161-799-7798

Facebook: bambinomcr

Twitter: @bambinomcr

Instagram: @bambinomcr


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