REVIEW: The Killers – from Hot Fuss to Wonderful Wonderful


HOT FUSS era may be gone along with the eyeliner for the Las Vegas rock band, The Killers, but this does not stop them from performing songs from their first album in their Wonderful Wonderful Tour with two sold-out dates in Manchester.

This year has been the The Killers’ year as the band released their first album in five years, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, which got the Las Vegas fellows on the road for a tour that included countries in Europe, the Americas, Australia and the New Zealand.

However, the tour has featured only two members of the band, the lead-singer Brandon Flowers and the drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr., while the bassist Mark Stoermer and guitar player Dave Keuning have announced earlier this year that they will take a break from touring.

The American band started taking over the carts with their debut album, ‘Hot Fuss’, released in 2004, earning an unbelievable success. Songs like ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Somebody Told Me’ still have a place in their 2017 world tour, proving they passed the test of time, even though the band outfits and the eyeliner are long gone.

The album released this year, called ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ has taken on the UK Charts from the first week, and during both days of the tour in town, the Manchester Arena has been packed.

‘Hot Fuss’ might be 13 years-old, but the rock band still keeps for their ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ album the same rhythms they got us used to, but bringing more maturity to it this time.

Their arena show started with two tracks from their latest album, ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ and their most recent single, ‘The Man’ – which Brandon Flowers admitted it describes him in his pomped up 20s, with the older frontman who sees through all the bluster even though he still wears a gold suit from time to time.

During their performance at the Manchester Arena, the band – or half of it – has put up a brilliant set and confetti and light shows have not been missing from their performance, demonstrating one more time why they became festival headliners.

Unfortunately for their Mancunian fans, even if The Killers will be back in the UK for a 2018 tour on stadium dates this time, Manchester is not on their tour list… yet, but their fanbase would love to have them back.


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