Councillor slams dangerous new craze ‘lorry-surfing’


A NEW trend known as ‘lorry-surfing’ has been described by Shaw Councillor, Chris Gloster, as ‘an accident waiting to happen’. 

Various sightings have been made of teenagers leaping on the back of moving lorries in Oldham.

Councillor Gloster shared mobile footage of the dangerous craze in action, when he witnessed it last night.

The councillor said “I have witnessed on two occasions youths jumping onto the rear under-run bars of goods vehicles on Rochdale Road and Beal Lane and then hanging on until they come to a halt.


Councillor Chris Gloster

“I honestly cant believe this has become some sort of craze. This is an accident that is waiting to happen, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible before a tragedy occurs.”

Companies who operate goods vehicles in Oldham have been alerted to the problem.

Andrew Horobin, an SUV driver from Ashton, has spoken out about his concerns about the new ‘lorry surfing’ craze.

He says: “I’d feel horrified if something like this happened to me whilst I was out on the road.

“If it happened to me whilst I was out on the road, I would call the police.”

Greater Manchester Police have stated that anyone caught ‘lorry surfing’ will face prosecution.


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