INTERVIEW: Manchester’s Bobbie Peru- who are they?


For those of you who haven’t heard of this trio, they’re a Manchester band who have an eclectic collection of influences from different eras. The band (currently) consists of: Robert Genovese on vocals and guitar, Ben Nield on drums and Simon ‘Ding’ Archer on bass.

I had a chat with bassist and producer Simon ‘Ding’ Archer, who should know the band very well, considering the amount of times he’s left and returned to the band.

At first he seems confused at to who they are; stumbling on words until he says: “We are a three piece centred around a guy called Robert, who moved over from America a few years ago. We’ve been going for around six to seven years now.

It clearly hasn’t been an easy ride for them, so why on earth have there been so many changes?

“Well being in a band is like having several girlfriends I’ve discovered- you argue”

They recently released a new single ‘I Am Contagious’ which has been well received according to Ding. He adds that the success could be due to a video put together by Harri Shanahan.

The new year is set to bring a new album, but perfectionist Ding might delay that release, as he’s already changed the final cut three times!

They are planning to tour the album, with their Manchester gig at Peer Hat, in January, looking like the first date. So do they have anything special in store?

If Bobbie Peru can manage to stay in one piece then the new year is set to rock in Manchester. Check them out on social media.


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