Mobike brings bikes back in Salford in a redesigned area


MOBIKE sets Salford, finally, on the map after the area where the bikes can be parked was extended.

After 1,000 bikes were left in different corners of Greater Manchester, the bike hiring company took all their bikes off the streets, being afraid they may lose all of their green form of transport.

One month later, Mobike decided to put the bikes back on the roads and to redefine the area where they operate with new rules for their users.

Now, people are able to park their bikes in the extended 20 km squared zone that includes a much larger section of Salford, whilst before they were allowed to use only six km squared which had a tiny part of the town.

However, users are threatened with penalty points if they do not follow the terms and conditions, the bikes being electronically monitored to ensure they are parked in the agreed zones.

The bikes have to be locked up only in the designated sections, but the pedal powered green company does not stop its users to ride the bikes outside these areas.

Mobike announced on their website: “We are privileged to offer a greener, smarter form of transportation to Mancunians. Thanks to the support and feedback from our users we are able to identify new and more efficient ways to make Mobike as accessible and enjoyable as possible.”

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) named Mobike among the 2017 Champions of Earth, recognising their transformative contribution to the advancement of low carbon public transport.

Mobike received the award for their innovative business model to improve urban eco-mobility in the Entrepreneurial Vision category while facing the challenge to reduce carbon emission and to improve the quality of the air in urban areas.

The CEO of the company, Ms. Hu Weiwei had accepted the recognition at the award ceremony held in Nairobi, Kenya during the third annual UN Environment Assembly.


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