Prevent asthma attacks in Manchester this winter with a #Scarfie


ASTHMA UK runs national campaign #Scarfie to highlight the seriousness of asthma.

As part of the campaign, the group is encouraging people to share scarf selfies on their social media and are giving easy tips to help preventing asthma.

Manchester has the highest emergency hospital admission rates for asthma attacks in the UK at 244 per 100,000.

Private English tutor Rebecca Wilkinson started suffering with asthma once she moved to Manchester. Now, she has different types of inhalers and goes to see specialist asthma nurse regularly. On top of that, sometimes she has to cancel activities she wants to do because she cannot breathe.

Inhalers are essential for people who are suffering from asthma

She said:” When I first discovered I had asthma, it was because my lips went blue at an exercise class and then life changed quite significantly.

“Before moving to Manchester I lived in London and I had no problems.”

Breathing in cold winter air can generate the development of asthma symptoms, and potentially asthma attacks.

Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK’s clinical Lead and GP stated: “Living in the UK means that cold weather is impossible to avoid over winter, so people with asthma should make sure they take their preventer inhaler as prescribed, check weather forecasts for their area, and carry their reliever inhaler with them at all times.

“But the easiest way for people with asthma to protect themselves from its symptoms in the cold weather is to simply wrap a scarf around their nose and mouth to warm up the air before they breathe it in. “

For Rebecca and many other people who suffer from asthma, it is really important to take one day at the time, having a good diet, as well as regular exercise.

With temperatures announced to drop below 0 Celsius in Manchester tonight, it is essential to follow all the advice given by Asthma UK.

Asthma UK is urging everyone, whether they have asthma or just know someone that has it, to share the message that a scarf could save a life.

Visit Asthma UK to find out more.


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