Tampon Tree campaign to help homeless women


A UNIVERSITY of Salford campaign is hoping to bring comfort to homeless women this Christmas.

The Tampon Tree has been put up to raise awareness for the Sanitary Product Campaign. The campaign is to collect sanitary products to give to homeless women who cannot afford to buy them for themselves.

The students union will be collecting sanitary product donations up until the 21st of December. Jon Lyons, Vice President of the Students Union, saw the importance of this issue, he said: “I think it’s something that isn’t thought about or addressed within society.

“I think that as a students union we’re progressive, we’re open minded and we should be pushing out the message that period poverty is an issue.”

In Jon’s manifesto for becoming vice president, he wanted to make sanitary products free for all students at the University of Salford. Adding to this idea Jon thought about those who cannot afford this necessity.

He said: “In the run up to Christmas we want to do something charitable to give back to the community and we thought giving out sanitary products to homeless women would be a good start.”This problem has been raised nationally in previous years by The Homeless Period petitioning for the government to give homeless shelters allowance to buy sanitary products. They state online that “Shelters get an allowance every year to buy items like condoms, but still nothing for sanitary products.”

MP Paula Sheriff raised the issue in the Houses of Parliament after The Homeless Period started the petition. This is one of the many ways across the UK to help homeless women.


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