Young drivers are risking lives by racing to beat their satnav


A NEW unhealthy driving craze has been taken on by young drivers, who are breaking speed limits to beat their estimated arrival times predicated by a satnav.

With the new driving test being implicated last week, The AA warns that young drivers are creating a game to beat the estimated arrival time on their satnavs, risking not only their safety but also others on the road.

The estimated arrival time function is one of the perks of owning a satnav as it plans your destination and calculates how long it will take you to get there. However, a study reports that one in twenty young drivers aged 18 to 24 admit to playing a game with their satnav, trying to race the estimated arrival time to save time on their journey.

Speaking to Samir, manager at PassMeFast driving school in Salford, he was surprised that young people were putting their lives in danger by not using their satnavs safely, he said: “The stats from the AA are quite shocking, the eta displayed by satnavs takes into account speed limits and road traffic etc. So by trying to beat the eta means that drivers are probably engaging in risky behaviour and putting lives at risk.”

Also whilst speaking to a young driver, Nicole, 22 from Salford, about the dangers of people racing their satnav she said: “I think it’s a really stupid idea, I wouldn’t personally do it, I use it just so I can get an idea of what the traffic is like rather than trying to beat it you should just go along with it and hope that the time shortens.”

Further test changes will be made for next year where learner drivers will be taking on motorways during their driving lessons whilst using a satnav.

When asked if he had any advice to give out to young drivers today, Samir, from PassMeFast said: “Remember the advice from your driving instructor: look, assess, decide and act every time you encounter a hazard, but do not under any circumstances race your sat nav.”


Feel free to listen to our interview with Samir from PassMeFast Driving School:

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