REVIEW: Take a closer look at the football phenomenon Pele: Art, Life and Football

IN partnership with Halcyon Gallery, the football museum in Manchester is currently holding the exhibition as a tribute to the former global soccer superstar who defined what it means to be part of the football’s elite.

The Great Pele was a player like no other who has ever hit the football pitch, widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time.

A blessing for every single fan of the beautiful game, “Pele: Art, Life and Football” takes an admiring look throughout the stages of the Brazilian’s career as a player and life as a person.

Pele was not just a football miracle on field, but he was always a figure of interest and inspiration due to his career and celebrity status away from the game.

From a teenager with an extraordinary talent and his first steps at his true love Santos to his triple World Cup triumph, the exhibition portrays the course of the football prodigy through the eyes of acclaimed artists and photographers around the world.

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A perfect combination of art pieces inspired by the football phenomenon, iconic items brought by the Football Museum’s collection and private collectors, depict the evolution of the first player to truly transform the face of the global game.

The exhibits include loads of Pele’s legendary career landmarks such as shirts he has worn, individual trophies and medals he has won and even passports he has used.

The colourful collections includes original pieces of well-known contemporary artists like Pedro Paricio, Stuart McAlpine Miller and Russell Young.

Kevin Haygarth, Interim Director at the National Football Museum, said:

“Pelé is rightly lauded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, and his contribution to the game has been documented by a wealth of talented artists and photographers.

“We wanted to celebrate Pelé in a way which befits his vibrant and creative personality, and hosting a range of stunning imagery alongside significant items from his career certainly does this.”

The exhibition opened its doors at 18 May and will be available for the public until Sunday 4 March of 2018

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