McCain makes Manchester family face of new campaign


A Manchester family have been approached by food retailer giant McCain to appear in its latest television commercial.

Conor Bonilla Graham aged 22 and partner Steven Darby aged 23 are a same sex couple.

The pair have been together for five years and in September 2016 became first time parents to their son, George aged 14 weeks.

Conceived through surrogacy George has two dads, which according to the couple makes them a ‘modern day family’.

When asked to define what this is, Mr Bonilla Graham, originally from Fallowfield, said: “It’s not the traditional mum, dad and two children.

“It can be two fathers, two mothers, a single parent for example. It’s all about having a happy family, it doesn’t matter what that consists of.”

Residents in Fallowfield have echoed this sentiment and many agree that the notion of what makes a family is now different to what it used to be.

George’s aunt, Rachel Bonilla Graham, 27, of Seacombe Avenue, Fallowfield, said: “As long as the child is loved, that to me is a modern day family.”

McCain was founded in 1957 and has produced many popular family orientated adverts over recent decades.

A spokesperson from McCain, said: “We know that modern British families come in many different forms and we aim to celebrate this in our advertising campaigns.”

Speaking of his affiliation with the company, Mr Bonilla Graham said, “I feel proud really, because it’s a family product, it’s a family brand, so it’s quite an honour to be a part of it.”

Speaking about the prospect, Mr Darby originally from Wigan, said: “I was quite nervous when we were speaking about it but I just think that it’s a great opportunity to show families in the UK that surrogacy is possible.

“There are dads and mums out there in same sex couples who have children that have a normal life just like any other child.”

The couple feel that same sex parents are under represented in the UK and plan to make the advertisement a legacy to their son.



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