City of Trees launches Salford’s fight to save its green spaces


City of Trees, a movement involving volunteers from across Greater Manchester are transforming some of Salford’s unused green space. With 20% of Salford being green space, City of Trees have a lot of work to do.

Monmouth Park in Salford, is situated near Exchange Quay. City of Trees are currently restoring the green space along with the help of residents, after they reached out for help through the council.

With the park previously being used as a cut through, residents such as Julie Barbour, 33, felt like it was time for a change.

“We worked with the council and City of Trees came on board with our project”, said Julie.

“So many volunteers got involved, they are going to feel like they are their trees, like they own them.

“The orchard was a feature so that people would spend more time in the park”.

City of Trees volunteers helping to transform Monmouth Park.

Monmouth Park now has many new features to encourage people to make use of Salford’s greenspaces.

As well as this plot, City of Trees have planted 10 other orchards’ around Salford, in places such as Lightbourne Green in Swinton.

Salford has many green spaces but not all have which are properly maintained. This has led to people not using the parks.

Rhys Wyne, 47, Engagement Officer at City of Trees has helped run the project at Monmouth Park. 

“We get loads of community members coming out, neighbours start to build a community feeling”, said Rhys.


The planting of orchards across the parks in Salford also promotes healthy eating and activity to help with gardening and maintaining the area.

“It’s like a green gym, it really is a workout.

“It is all about that community spirit, getting people out but it is also about health.

“People need access to fresh fruit and this a great way to go out of your back door and grab a fresh apple” added Rhys.

City of Trees plan to build three-million trees in one generation, therefore building a tree for every man, woman and child across Greater Manchester.

To find out more, or to apply to volunteer to get involved with the movement, go to City of Trees.


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