University of Salford graduate wins big at Royal Television Society Awards


Former Salford University student Martina Moscariello won the news category at the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards for her film Life In Europe. 

The series of news reports show the hardships of being a migrant that is travelling from North Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean.

During this she traveled to the southern island of Lampedusa to speak to people in refugee camps and charity workers.

According to Martina: “It was always something that I was interested in.

“I think it worked quite well as part of a series, that’s what we had to do, a series of reports so it always felt like a big enough topic.”

Life In Europe is available to be viewed in full below:

Miss Moscariello credits the help of Andrew Lindsay in order to help her achieve her desired filming result, the Salford University lecturer acted as her personal tutor throughout the project and ensured she got the desired result she wanted.

Martina went onto say about Mr Lindsay: “He was great and obviously it was hard at the beginning to sort of find like a storyline.

“The format was a series of reports so it had to be three different reports from three different points of view on the same topic, so that was a bit tricky.”

Within saying this however the trip to Lampedusa was self funded by her, this shows an incedible dedication to the project and another reason why she won the RTS award.

Currently she’s freelancing for Channel 5 news and That’s North Yorkshire in Scarborough, Martina values the work she did from Life In Europe and how it went onto launch her career with these news organisations.

Martina concluded saying: “It’s certainly good to say when you go for a job, that it’s very good to mention, that you’ve won an award for something that you did at University.

“To go onto better jobs it’s probably going to be really helpful because it’s something that makes you stand out.”



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