Director wows Lift-Off Film Festival audience with short film “Cotton Wool”


THE short film, Cotton Wool was written and directed by 18 year old, Nicholas Connor. The film featured at the Lift-Off Film Festival, leaving its audiences feeling ‘incredibly moved’.

Nicholas Connor, 18, from Greater Manchester started writing the script for the film in December 2016 and after months of editing, finished it in October 2017.

It premiered at the Odeon in Oldham, where it received masses of support and was praised for addressing such an important issue in society today.

The short film, which featured in the global film festival, Lift-Off Film Festival, allowed audiences to learn more about child carers.

Nicholas said: “It was inspired by my grandmother who suffered a stroke in front of my mum when she was just ten years old.

“I wondered what it was like for my mum when she was left to care for her at such a young age”.

Cotton Wool was filmed in a week but brought up challenges with location and logistical issues that were resolved quickly.

It stars child actor Max Vento, who was in the BBC television series “The A word”, as well as actress Leanne Best from the popular series “Cold Feet”.

Nick added: “We didn’t have a second option for Max or Leanne. They are both such amazing actors and if we hadn’t gone for Max then it would have been an older character.

“Leanne signed on fairly early, which was madness because as soon as she did, she rang saying one of her friends had just had a stroke.”

Cotton Wool director and Leanne Best

Cotton Wool director and Leanne Best (photograph by Cheetham Photography)

Audiences who went to watch the film at the festival were left in tears.

One saying that “it was one of the best short films I have ever watched” and another praising Nick’s work as “incredibly realistic and touching”.

The director and writer, who worked with a relatively small team said he felt pressured but that it only fueled his passion and enthusiasm to create something like this.

“Yes of course I felt pressure because of my age. I don’t want anyone to think I am incapable because of my age, I have to be as good as anyone else and I enjoy it so I don’t see it as a negative thing” he said.

The film is set to continue competing to win awards at the Lift-Off Film Festival  in 2018.


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