Salford men dress up as ‘Scooter Grannies’ in aid of Freya’s Little Legs


A GROUP of men from Irlam known as the ‘Scooter Grannies’ are set to embark on a scooter run to raise money for Freya’s Little Legs.

Darren Bailey and six of his friends are dressing up as grannies and riding from Irlam to Chester on scooters.

‘Scooter Grannies’ came from an idea by Mr Bailey’s friend: “We were going to get dressed up as boring superheros and then the idea of dressing up as grannies.

“When we did it to Blackpool last year people were taking a second look! So on the back of that we’re hoping to make it a regular thing”.

Darren’s daughter, Freya Bailey, was born with cerebral palsy and two holes in her heart, she has already had three open heart surgeries at seven years old.

Since April last year, Freya’s dad Darren Bailey has raised £16,000 for an operation to release some of the tightness in Freya’s muscles.

Mr Bailey said “Through local events we managed to raise the funds for the operation on August the 10th last year which was also Freya’s birthday and she had the four hour SDR operation in January which managed to release 65-70% of the tightness in her muscles.”



However, the fundraising doesn’t stop there as Freya now needs physiotherapy which is not provided by the NHS. “Freya is currently on two physiotherapy sessions a week but needs three sessions a week which costs £81 per session which is over £240 a week” explained Mr Bailey.

“Currently we have £20,000 raised since last August but whilst that seems like a lot of money, with the cost of the physiotherapy that money will last for less than two years.”

As well as local events, Mr Bailey has been going around local businesses to try and get them on board with helping to fundraise for Freya.

He said: “Once you’ve gone through your friends, family and work colleagues and then you’ve exhausted all the leads so I’ve been going around to local businesses in Irlam and Cadishead and so far we’ve had a great response”

“The ultimate aim is for Freya to eventually take a few steps and gain a little bit of independence”

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