Escape chutes to be installed in new Salford apartments


New apartments being built in Salford will have built-in escape chutes to allow residents to evacuate if there is a Grenfell Tower-style fire.

The new property named ‘The Crescent’, situated on The Crescent, Salford, will see the inclusion of townhouses as well as two open plan apartment blocks reaching 22 and 17 storeys high.

The inclusion of state of the art escape routes has been announced following the recent news that fire tests are “inadequate” (as the Guardian reports) following the tragic events of Grenfell Tower in London that killed over 70 residents in June 2017.

Omega Fire, a Manchester based engineering company, say they were approached by Domis Property Group to provide “expert fire knowledge for the 423 unit residential project”.

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The project, due for completion 2020, sees the inclusion of automatic detecting sprinklers, a mechanical ventilation system, firefighting shafts and lifts, and rising mains.

In the tallest tower, reaching 22 storeys high, the rising mains will be “pre-charged” in order to ensure instant availability.

Omega fire sees a team of 26 engineers each integrating new ideas into the safety of high rise buildings.

After the news of ‘inadequate’ fire safety tests in wake of the events of Grenfell Tower, the Manchester based group have included ideas which go outside the standard regulations.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News in 2017, Councillor Paul Longshaw, Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods at Salford, said: “The council has been working closely with our key housing partners that have blocks of a similar age to Grenfell Towers to seek assurances their fire safety policies and procedures are in place and have been followed. We have been advised that for current requirements those policies and procedures are in place”.


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