Salford to become ‘Digital City’

Salford will be facing a remodeling as it is set to become ‘one of the worlds most digital cities’.

Salford City Council has hired John Corner, CEO of The Landing as ‘Chief Digital Officer’, who will be delivering a digital strategy to create a ‘Digital City’.

Corner has had a successful run, in the past three years he has created over 120 companies and contributed £89m to the UK digital economy.

This move by Salford City Council is looking to create a much more thriving economy in the City, setting up businesses in the local area.

Quays News asked members of the public in MediaCityUK what they would like to see in their local area:

Some of this plan has already come into action.

Salford City Council has recently collaborated with Salford Digital Eagles.

The Salford Digital Eagles are a company that promote the learning of digital skills. Salford City Council is already laying the foundations for having a population that can manage in a digital city.

Salford City Council have been very open with keeping the public up to date with how their winning of Digital Council of the Year 2017 has brought support from big companies to help and support the locals of Salford.

Hopefully, with the new ‘Chief Digital Officer’ appointed, a strategy on the growth of the city, and with a large backing from big companies, Salford can reach its potential in becoming a digital city.


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